Healing for Acne and more:
• Skin Scaling (Intensive Pore Cleansing Treatment)
• Salicylic Acid Peeling
• Crystal Peeling
• Diamond Peeling (Smoothing Facial)

Intensive Pore Cleansing (IPC)/Superficial Peeling (SP)
• Removes corneous skin tissue and cleanses acne pores.
• IPC and SP are acne treatment modalities that open up obstructed pores to enhance the penetration or absorption of treatment agents, and to effectively reduce inflammatory responses in acne pathogenesis.
• IPC and SP do not affect normal daily activities.

Skin Scaling (Basic IPC)
• Utilizes ultrasound and glycolic acid to scale away stratum corneum.
• This is the most superficial chemical peeling technique.
• It aims to improve acne and reduce inflammation in a short amount of time.

Salicylic Acid Peeling
• Used to remove thicker corneous tissue and control overactive sebaceous glands.
• This technique is effective for acne form oily skin from overproduction of sebum.

Diamond Peeling
• Uses diamond chip (DT 75-125) for a peeling effect that improves acne.
• Selection of a specific chip is made depending on individual skin type.

Crystal Peeling
• Uses crystal powder from natural spring water to produce superficial resurfacing, which improves acne.
• This technique not only improves acne, but also superficial acne scars and enlarged pore size.

Amino Peeling
• Uses a special amino acid to perform IPC.
• This technique is ideal for people who suffer from sensitive skin and acne simultaneously.

Photo IPC
• An excellent technique, which uses a substance found in sunflowers; it gives the flower its photo-taxic properties.
• Photo IPC is used to destroy sebaceous glands and acne-causing bacteria.
• This technique does not involve the intake of oral medication.
• This technique is often used to treat chronic acne with high recurrence.
• After treatment, it is recommended to use sun block and to avoid excessive sun exposure or outdoor activities for 48 hours.

Skin Scaling (IPC)
• Relieves the obstruction of pores by using chemical peels.
• Removes the corneous skin tissue, and cleanses the pores to improve acne.
• A typical treatment plan consists of 5 treatment sessions, once a week.

Selective Sebaceous Gland Destruction Using Radio Frequency using micro-insulated needle (Kobayashi Method) is also available.
• Very effective modality for chronic recurrent acne.
• Selective sebaceous gland destruction utilizes radio frequency with a partially insulated micro needle.
• Acne cannot develop in the absence of sebaceous gland.
• This technique involves using a specially designed, partially insulated micro needle to selectively destroy the sebaceous glands, thereby addressing and treating the cause of acne.
• Since the sebaceous glands are selectively destroyed, this treatment can help to significantly reduce acne recurrence.
• We recommend at least 3 treatment sessions, one month apart, for optimal benefit.
• Washing of the face and application of makeup is possible the day after the procedure.
• Acne typically will start to improve after one month of treatment.
• Some redness may occur in the area of treatment, but usually resolves in several weeks.
• Effective for adult-type acne (but juvenile-type acne will also respond), clients who suffer from chronic acne with a high recurrence rate, acne that forms scars along the chin line, and clients who are unable to or have no desire to take medications.